Tweets from Donald Trump

In the mornings, we wake up to tweets from Donald Trump.

We live our lives in stories: 140 characters or fewer. We follow their snowball effect; we wonder where the movement stops.

We measure impact on the go – dynamic risk assessment. Post Donald Trump’s election and post Brexit, news channels talked about waking up to a different kind of world. I wondered, along with friends and politicians, writers and pundits, about this difference. The space between myself and it, the impact not an explosion but a slow burn. An image comes to mind: the frog in boiling water.

Perhaps when we take note, it’s already too late.


I’m at the library with friends. We work on our assignments. We talk about identity, and freedom. The freedom to speak about the world around us.

We have no platform.

On Facebook, a man shares lengthy articles – the words of others, about the brand of anarchism that appeals to him. The man: a student of a mainstream university, the same one we’re attached to. I think about his anarchy. I see the world restructured in his image, the image he claims that he believes in.

We talk about hypocrisy. We talk about elitism. We’re part of the elite, or an elite compared to none.

Our essays are ignored. We talk for hours. Our conversation fails the Bechdel test.


In the evenings, we watch the news with growing hopelessness.

We live on a perpetual edge of change; the world adapts to each new blow. I hope to see another morning, although the pot keeps boiling, threatening to spill over the edge. I wonder if maybe it doesn’t even need to. Whether the steady boil might be enough.

We’ll wake up tomorrow to a new tweet from Donald Trump.



2 thoughts on “Tweets from Donald Trump

  1. A friend of mine lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. While there are problems with North Korea, at present I don’t believe that these (very real) concerns amount to anything approaching the fear provoked by the Cuban Missile Crisis. The regime in North Korea is horrendous. However I don’t think that the leader of that country is mad (he wishes to survive) and there are men of good sense in the Whitehouse (I don’t include Donald Trump within this grouping). However they will, I hope exert a moderating influence on this erratic President. Many thanks for following me at I look forward to following your blog. Kind regards, Kevin


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